Free-spirited, legendary and forever enchanting.
A French luxury Maison, open-minded and curious about
the world, Cartier designs timeless creations and finds
beauty wherever it may lie. In tune and engaged with its
time and constantly enriching its legacy, Cartier continues
to expand the limits of creativity and enhance beauty with
its savoir-faire.

Founded during the era of great inventions, Cartier has
always been inspired by the progression of ideas and artistic
movements. The Maison continues this progression today, all
the while creating an expression of its own.
Love, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Tank, Panthère, Santos… From
high and fine jewelery to watchmaking, from leather goods
to fragrances, eyewear and objects, Cartier reveals beauty
in every creation, with just the right touch of panache and
the secret signature of its unique expertise.

For over 30 years, Cartier has created exceptional eyewear,
each a testimony to the style and history of Cartier: Santos
de Cartier, Panthère de Cartier, Première de Cartier,
Signature C de Cartier and Trinity de Cartier.