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Eyewear defines who you are and our gallery has it all, we have styles for the fashionista, European inspired, sophisticated, athletic, comtemporary, classic, professional, trendsetter, metro, retro, vintage, or all out wild, everybody! We will assist you in creating your own signature look. We sell thousands of glasses per year giving us the ability to constantly rotate stock and bring in new product so that all of our customers don’t look the same. That doesn’t mean we can’t get parts or the same frame if you need it, it just means we try to customize a look that’s you.

Whether you are on the employment search, going on that first date, heading for the beach, or meeting a new client, remember…first impressions mean a lot. Where does the attention go during conversation???…straight to the face! Don’t get caught off guard with a frumpy pair of glasses or sunglasses. Make that powerful first impression with the appropriate eyewear, and at the same time feel confident and comfortable with your appearance. We guaranty we can help elevate you to that next level. We have glasses and sunglasses to fit all budgets. All of our opticians have a minimum of 8 years experience.

Throughout our website you will find several photos of the coolest eyewear available in the WORLD, yes WORLD! We have a showroom of eyewear second to none in Wisconsin, but talk is cheap. Come in and see for yourself, we’d love to meet you! Click on Designer & Luxury Brands to view a list of a majority of the brands we feature.

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