Designer & Luxury Eyewear

Tower Optical’s niche in the optical industry is to bring Milwaukee designer and luxury eyewear and sunwear from around the world. We offer product that is not found at your typical optical store.  It is our mission to stay ahead of the curve and in tune with what’s happening in L.A., Vegas, New York, Miami and also Europe. Tracking accessory trends is also very important to us.  The styling, embellishments, and colors used in the fashion industry definitely are reflected in the fashion eyewear you wear today. Tower will make sure your “hotlist” is right on target!

Why is an attractive pair of glasses so important?  Where are your eyes focused during conversation?   The face, of course, and the eyes in particular. What impression are you making?  Does your eyewear reveal the real you?  A quality pair of fashionable glasses is not only functional, but it enhances your look, lets others know looking your best is important, and definitely it will get you noticed.  Guaranteed!

Ready to step outside the box?  Our expert stylists and opticians will work with you one on one to help you find the perfect pair of glasses and sunglasses to compliment your face and they will recommend lenses that best suit your prescription.  We never try to change who you are, but with our years of expertise we will find just the right pair to enhance who you are!  Our customers are walking advertisement for us.  If you look good, we look good, and hopefully you’ll return and also refers us to others!

Browse through our photo previews and scroll through our list of designer and luxury eyewear and sunwear.  We have access to 1000’s of frames and will be happy to special order your frames or customize your lenses.  If you saw someone with a cool pair of glasses and want some just like it, saw a celebrity wearing sunglasses that are to-die-for, or even if you saw glasses at another optical store, call us, we probably can get it for you and for less. Questions welcome anytime! Give us a call or better yet stop in and see for yourself.  Seeing is truly believing!

Most of these brands offer sunglasses for prescription and for non-prescription to wear with contact lenses or for those who don’t need prescription.

Designer & Luxury Sunwear

Each year consumers spend millions of dollars on products to protect their skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but many fail when it comes to proper protection for their eyes.

There are several options available today to ensure you are doing your best to avoid future vision problems due to unprotected sun exposure.

Any sun lens you purchase should always have 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection. Wearing a dark lens without UV coating is actually more harmful than wearing no sunglasses at all. Why? Behind the dark lenses your pupils enlarge (as they do in a dark room) thus allowing more UV rays to absorb into the eye. Tint does not block the UV rays!

If you still have a problem with glare even with your sunglasses on that can be easily solved with polarized sun lenses. Virtually all glare will be eliminated providing lasting comfort to your eyes throughout the day.

If you prefer one pair of glasses transition lenses are the answer. They are clear indoors and at night, but outdoors the tint darkens according to light conditions.

With today’s options, you can get a very functional pair of sunglasses and look great at the same time!

A Superstar Line-Up Like No Other!

Most of these brands listed have optical frames and sunglasses available.  We have an unbelievable collection of non-prescription sunwear – more than the sunglasses stores!!

  • Armani

  • Bobbi Brown

  • Burberry

  • Bvlgari

  • Carrera

  • Cartier

  • Caviar

  • Cazal

  • Celine

  • Chanel

  • Chrome Hearts

  • Coach

  • Dior

  • DITA

  • DSquared 2

  • Diva

  • Dolce & Gabbana

  • Etnia Barcelona

  • Fendi

  • Gold & Wood

  • Gucci

  • Jhane Barnes

  • Jimmy Choo

  • Kate Spade

  • L.A.M.B./gx (Gwen Stefani)

  • Lilly Pulitzer

  • Marc Jacobs

  • Maui Jim

  • Michael Kors

  • Miu Miu

  • Niche

  • Oakley

  • Oliver Peoples

  • Penguin

  • Persol

  • Prada

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Ray-Ban

  • Roberto Cavalli

  • Silhouette

  • Tiffany & Company

  • Tom Ford

  • Tory Burch

  • Versace

  • Vogue

  • Zac Posen

  • And the list goes on…

Great Looks for Kids too!

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